Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Breaking Down Walls With the Power of Seven

          After God broke down the walls between Israel’s spies and Rahab the prostitute, he gave some unusual instructions to their leader, Joshua. In this familiar story, the Lord told Joshua to have the army, with the ark of God and seven priests with seven trumpets in the lead, march around the city once a day for six days. On day seven they had to march around the city seven times and blow their trumpets. After a long trumpet blast, Joshua commanded them to shout. The impenetrable city surrounded by 12-foot-deep walls collapsed, every man charged straight in. The Israelites conquered the city.
If you have ever felt like hearing from God is as difficult as breaking through a thick wall, please know there is a simple way to study that will demolish barriers. Using the Listening Heart's seven question method below clears the way for you to charge in and take all of the wisdom, encouragement, guidance, instruction and much, much more from the powerful word of God. You can conquer your own promise land by listening to God’s magnificent voice through his word.
            First, grab your Bible, pen, and paper and choose a passage of Scripture to study then ask and answer these seven questions:
1. What is the passage about? Make a list of facts. If it helps, write what you have read in your own words (even re-writing Scripture brings enlightenment). You can also circle, underline, or highlight text as you go. Take note of repeated phrases.
2. What do I learn from the passage? Many possibilities lie ahead for you on this one. To narrow it down, if you had to write a main truth or principle about the passage, what would it be? Besides the principle(s), is there an example to follow or not to follow?
3. How can I apply what I have learned to my life? Try to think of a current situation in your personal, home, church, or business life which is similar to what you have read. After you have thought this through, ask God to give you a way to apply it to your life. Then do it.
4. What are the warnings to heed or commands to obey? This question causes a search for two things: 1. Warnings from God to save us from harm. 2. Simple instructions to follow to stay in his will.
5. What are the promises to hold on to? Thousands of trustworthy promises fill God’s word. The answer to this question is easy to find.
6. How could I use this passage to praise God? Look for the names, attributes, and character of God as you study. Pray them back to God and praise him for who he is.
7. How could I use this passage in prayer? Can I own these verses by placing my name anywhere in this passage?  Can I place I, my, and me where the Bible has our? Write your own prayer using the passage.
            The more you practice this approach to Scripture, the more you will hear from the Lord, and gain confidence in your listening skills. May God break down walls in your life and open the way to adventure as you seek his will and grow closer to him.

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Cherie Clayton said...

Thanks for sharing Susan! I printed out the post so I can have it handy when I sit down to read God's Word! I also posted a link to your blog from a post I wrote today! So glad to have met you this past weekend! Be blessed!!