Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Listening Heart

Not long ago, God reminded me of the time he planted a listening seed in my heart. Rummaging through a junk drawer, I had come across a gift—a small piece of cross-stitched art—that I had received soon after this prodigal had returned home. A found treasure, the yellowed cloth stitched in red held a precious promise open to all: “God’s voice still speaks to the listening heart.”

After God opened my heart, I decided to “come” and spend quality time alone with him in prayer and Bible study. He not only caused my soul to live, but gave me a burning desire to share what this awesome living is all about. This life is not without trouble, but a life of genuine love, strength, purpose, and more excitement than one could ever imagine.

One of the journey’s perks is being part of many lives who, like me, desire to hear God’s magnificent voice. We love, care for and encourage each other and are Jesus-with-skin-on for one another, in good times and bad. The listening heart possesses the key to soul satisfaction.

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