Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Benefits of Listening

As I prepare for leading my "Listening for God's Magnificent Voice Retreat" at Little Hope Baptist Church in Clarksville, TN this weekend, I am reminded of some of my favorite verses on listening. One of them is found in the first chapter of Proverbs:

" . . . Whoever listens to me will live in safety

and be at ease, without fear of harm."

Proverbs 1:33

Our God is simple, clear, and straightforward with his promises. Listening to him brings protection. We are like ships at sea, often tossed to and fro by the turbulent weather of living in this crazy, upside down world. To seek safe harbor we have to steer ourselves into our prayer closets, spending quality time alone with him and his word. He is our place of refuge, retreat, and freedom from harm.

Thank you Jesus for being my safe harbor. For when I ignore your advice disaster is around the corner and calamity overtakes me like a storm (Proverbs 1:20-32) but when I listen to you I live at ease and secure. Thank you for speaking your life-giving words into my life and for the privilege of resting in you. Amen.
Picture, Safety Harbor, byfsudaft, courtesy of www.flickr.com

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mari said...

Susan, My sister is coming to visit tonight and we will be praying for you as you are teaching at the retreat. All the best-May the grace and peace of Christ be with you!